Saturday, October 22, 2011

Johannes Vermeer paintings details

John Vermeer van Delft, actually Johannes Vermeer (born before 31 October 1632 in Delft, died before December 15, 1675 in Delft as well) - Dutch painter.

He painted genre scenes primarily, using masterful play of light. At the beginning of his career created two historical paintings also. The painter's output is dominated by the presentation of women in residential interiors, occupied by music, reading a letter or conversation. Many scholars trace in his images hidden allegories or symbolic messages.
Partially forgotten for nearly two centuries since his death, Vermeer was rediscovered in the late nineteenth century. Today a little more than 30 images are attributed to him and it is probably almost all of his artistic achievements.

Let's take a look at his two small paintings details:

The milkmaid AKA The Kitchen Maid
Painted around 1660.
Medium: oil on canvas.
Size: 45.5 cm × 41 cm

The Girl with the Pearl Earring
Painted around 1665.
Medium: oil on canvas.
Size: 46.5 cm × 40 cm.

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